Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The firm believes strongly in providing constant oversight in the sale and/or purchase of what, many times, is the largest investment of a client. From agreement of sale through settlement, the firm will guide the client through the complexities of a real estate transaction to ensure the end result is most favorable to the client.

Many law firms handle real estate transactions in a superficial manner. Marc A. Lario & Associates believe in providing hands on representation throughout the process so that the client is properly protected in these important transactions.

Real estate transactions involve a multitude of issues such as proper and timely inspections, mortgage commitments, environmental concerns, title issues and ultimately, tax considerations. To properly protect the client, all of these issues must be properly analyzed and be handled in a timely fashion. The law firm prides itself on its ability to not only provide the proper legal advice, but also constant oversight. It is for this reason that a paralegal is assigned to each real estate matter to ensure that no issue is overlooked or not timely handled.


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