Prenuptial Agreements

Having a background in matrimonial law, Marc and the firm utilize their experience in both divorce and estate matters to prepare comprehensive pre-marital agreements to protect a client’s assets and income, not only in the event of divorce, but also upon death.

PRENUPTIAL-AGREEMENTWhen most clients hear “prenuptial agreement”, the immediate thought is protection of assets in the event of divorce. Yet, many clients do not realize that the simple act of marriage provides a spouse with inheritance rights regardless of the terms of the parties’ estate documents.

The courts frown upon premarital agreements; thus, only through the proper preparation of a prenuptial agreement can a client adequately protect assets not only for himself/herself, but also for intended beneficiaries such as children from a previous marriage.

The law firm of Marc A. Lario & Associates has been drafting these documents for over twenty (20) years by utilizing it’s understanding of both estate and divorce law.

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