Estate and Trust Litigation

The law firm handles a significant amount of estate litigation matters dealing with such issues as contested Wills and guardianship disputes. As one of the few estate lawyers with a background in litigation, Marc is comfortable litigating the issues that revolve around the law of estate and trust and guardianship matters.

With an aging population and the increase in mental diseases resulting in decreased competency, estate and trust litigation is becoming more common place than ever. Thus, Will contests, guardianship disputes and document interpretation issues have never been more prevalent then at the present time.

Very few firms in the South Jersey area can intimately understand the law of estates, trusts and guardianships, but, as important, are able to properly present and litigate these issues in court. The law firm has limited its litigation practice almost exclusively to these areas of law so that the client receives not only competent representation, but also receives a clear understanding of the process.


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