Estate and Trust Administration

The firm will guide the client through the, sometimes, tedious and complicated process beginning with the appointment of the client as personal representative through the submission of the final paperwork to the Court.

The goal of the law firm is to guide the client to completion of the administrative process as quickly as possible, but with an eye on protecting the client from exposure to liability and tax consequences.

Each state presents different death tax consequences. The law firm has considerable experience in dealing with these issues especially in states in which Marc A. Lario, Esquire is licensed; New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. The law firm will provide guidance to protect the decedent’s assets from tax consequences and freely transfer the assets ultimately to the beneficiaries.

In addition, the law firm is in constant contact with personnel from the court system and thus, is very familiar with the “nuances” and special issues presented in each jurisdiction. Because of the importance of dealing with these issues, the law firm employs personnel that exclusively deal with this area of law.

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